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Blood N Guts Murphy: angry guard dog
Blood N Guts Murphy: Happy new year Vietnam ❤
Erato's Gallery: Hunting mode initiated -- MONO5212
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Blood N Guts Murphy: dog thinks it is a baby 👶 😁
guy474: le meilleur ami de l'homme
daZab: Miseria e nobiltà
dinapunk: almaty
krista korbar: Dutch Gap Feral Cat
Blood N Guts Murphy: toddler being fed at popular BBQ joint in Hanoi
Blood N Guts Murphy: chihuahua dog in Hanoi
daZab: Furto con destrezza
LitterART: Styrian Farmstead
rahim.lascandri: I know that you are there!!!
Pictopticon: KuroMika 4114.jpg
chamorojas: Cerro Mariposa | Valparaíso
Blood N Guts Murphy: chubby doggy
chamorojas: Cerro Bellavista | Valparaíso