CodeHole: Feelings, Colored by Memories
CodeHole: Therapeutic Abstraction #1
CodeHole: One Night in September
CodeHole: Better Than Expected
cariocando (Rogerio Granato): sun outburst /// explosão solar
cariocando (Rogerio Granato): the white heron /// a garça branca
CodeHole: Magical Thinking
CodeHole: Nine Dots, Three Colors
CodeHole: Compulsion, 200413
CodeHole: Graffiti Retouched, Theodore Wirth Park, Minneapolis, MN
CodeHole: Ordered Concepts, Lines Variation
CodeHole: Ordered Concepts, Bright Variation
CodeHole: What He Said at the End..., monoprint transform
CodeHole: A Lack of Concentration, 200402
CodeHole: Graffiti, Retouched. Theodore Wirth park, Minneapolis.
CodeHole: Ambient
CodeHole: Playing On Klee’s Playground
CodeHole: Areas of Influence
CodeHole: Mid-Century Modern, 190113
CodeHole: An Asemic Poem