DaveAFlett: Miles and furlongs
Adam Švajcr: Uranové doly v Příbrami, šachta č.16 - 1838 m
robinstewart.smith: BSC Shelton Steelworks - Robert Heath No 6 & Hawarden inside the 1892 32" Mill (FTP) 26th March 1995
robinstewart.smith: CELTIC ENERGY Onllwyn Washery - 'Meaford No 2' and 'Whiston' (from Foxfield Railway) working Hoppers in Coal Stock Yard - Freight Train Productions Photographic Charter 30th August 1997
Le.Lapin.Noir: 7.5 Northern Ton
alexcarnes: _DSC8929
tarboat: Cottam at work
jpotto: Reflections on Preston Mill
jpotto: Preston Mill
jpotto: Preston Mill
jpotto: Preston Mill waterwheel
alexcarnes: _DSC8524
alexcarnes: _DSF3208
jpotto: Barry Mill
jpotto: Blair Atholl watermill
robinstewart.smith: LMS 8F No 48151 Great Rocks Works FTP 11th November 1995
robinstewart.smith: LMS 8F No 48151 leaves NCB Sutton Colliery 10th September 1988
tarboat: Tidying up
Dirk A.: A Sunshine a Day...
Adam Švajcr: uranové doly Příbram, šachta 11a "Bytíz"
tarboat: Sussex Street
Dirk A.: A Sunshine a day...
R~P~M: Lime Kiln
saffron100_uk: Carn Galver Engine House, Nr. Zennor, Cornwall
mikeyashworth: A tower to modernity; Taylor St ventilation tower for the "Queensway" Mersey Tunnel, Birkenhead.
mikeyashworth: Stanton concrete lamp column and bracket, Hamilton Square railway station, Birkenhead
DaveAFlett: Ratcliffe Power Station
DaveAFlett: Butterley Tunnel
Saxon Sky: Alcester-Minerva Mill