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*Morningstar*: 20200929 - 01 Medusa's Health
S. Taillifer [John T Allen]: Ravaged / Love's Primal Instinct (feat. α Ori) [Single] (Front Cover)
Wurmwood Photography: Remember to Smile
S. Taillifer [John T Allen]: "Gary Numan: From Inside"
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RK*Pictures: Jack the Ripper
.no.pussy.blues.: “For you I came to forsake Lay wide despise and hate I sing of you in my demented songs For you and your stimulations Take what you can of me Rip what you can off me And this I'll say to you And hope that it gets through.”
Elsbeth "Ellie" Mirabella of SL: Too late to turn back!
Bliche: Demoness of Terror
MaximusBird: Well.....That escalated quickly
dannyhennesy: The Undead Floating Egyptian Zombie Skulls Magically reanimated an resurrected
Tom Bagley: Choc vs Frank
Goth Bricks 2000: The Symbiote's Prayer, verse three
Goth Bricks 2000: The Symbiote's Prayer, verse two
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Bliche: "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"
newlifegypt: you will never believe it
driversphotography: Odessa Chabot in "Test Subject"
Tom Bagley: Frankenboobie
bath-in-ayn: Bird Spirit