Afgil: Betsy
gazza s: On the bed again!
gazza s: Darcy
chujit12: Big sale
Dave Levitt: Biscuit time
Dave Levitt: Grady Profile
Kate and Dog Photography: Old and Smiley
Dave Levitt: Hard work.
Dave Levitt: Grady - Time To Relax
Dave Levitt: Grady and his Smarties housecoat.
SPIngram: Walking The Line
Kate and Dog Photography: Still in bed at this hour
teddave: Hound
Afgil: Excuse me, have you got my bowl there
Afgil: Betsy — posing
Afgil: Smile
teddave: I can't leave... them... behind
SPIngram: Best friends
insomniac2008 .: Lurcher .
SPIngram: My dog
SPIngram: In a Field of Poppies
Dave Levitt: Watching the world go by
Peter Hind Photos: Shadow in the shadow
Peter Hind Photos: Drinking Partners
Dave Levitt: In The Eye Of The Beholder
Afgil: Hi dad's coming back to flickr
Peter Hind Photos: Black Dog : Green Grass : Yellow Ball