Francisco Alba Suriel: Lechuza cara ceniza (Tyto glaucops)
Francisco Alba Suriel: Lechuza cara ceniza (Tyto glaucops)
olwynam1: Female Sparrow gathering Mealworms
marvinben663: _DSC3908
आशुतोष झुड़ेले: Coal Tit (Periparus ater)
dianereynolds: Chiff Chaff
nahid-v: canada goose (baby) - Kanadagås
rogercollorick: Yellowhammer
piazzi1969: Black-chested Prinia (Prinia flavicans)
rogercollorick: Great spotted woodpecker and young
Bill Foxworthy: Sony A9, Whistling Ducks , DSC00361, May 04, 2020, 1-1250 sec at f - 9.0, ISO 500 -
justinmoors: Goldfinch
javierpozotarrasó: bando de cigüeñuelas
Parapan: untitled-3756-Edit.jpg
vijaydanielk: Bul bul
Frederik0711: Herbert is back.
greenjay2: peeking - mottled wood owl - Gir Forest Nat'l Park
greenjay2: yellow-wattled lapwing - Gir Forest Nat'l Park
Greatblue1: male Blue-winged Teal
THW-Berlin: Stolzer Beobachter
greenjay2: crested serpent eagle (Spilornis cheela) - Gir Forest Nat'l Park
greenjay2: Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus), juvenile - Ranthambhore Nat'l Park
greenjay2: feeding - plum-headed parakeets, among rose-ringed parakeets, Ranthambhore Nat'l Park
roysalomonsen: European greenfinch, male and female
ricketdi: Lincoln's Sparrow /Bruant de Lincoln ( Richard )
ricketdi: Song sparrow / Bruant Chanteur ( Diane )
C. Erciyes: Blaumeise
nickym6274: Tunnel Visit