Dayoff171: Pakenham, Fox
Tony Worrall: Glowing pub in Manchester
Saxon Sky: Rhayader-Castle Hotel
Saxon Sky: Rhayader-Elan Hotel
martingibson3: The Three Daws, Gravesend
piktaker: Woodcutters Arms, Leigh-on-Sea.
piktaker: Lobster Smack, Canvey Island.
Jason 87030: The Duke of Cumberland, Whitstable
piktaker: Silk Road, Colchester.
piktaker: Slug & Lettuce, Colchester.
piktaker: Marquis (of Granby), Colchester.
piktaker: North Hill Hotel, Colchester.
piktaker: Colchester Boutique Hotel, Colchester.
Saxon Sky: Long Itchington-The Harvester
Dayoff171: Diss, Cock Inn
piktaker: Hole in the Wall, Colchester.
piktaker: Church Street Tavern, Colchester.
piktaker: Camulodunum, Colchester.
piktaker: Centurion, Colchester.
piktaker: Bull, Colchester.
piktaker: Fox & Fiddler, Colchester.
David Rostance: Laxfield, Suffolk, November 1996
Saxon Sky: Long Itchington-The Buck and Bell
tubblesnap: Bryherstones Country Inn
tubblesnap: Bryherstones Country Inn
Dayoff171: Ashley, Crown Inn
colin9007: Inside the Crown Posada, on the Side. One of Newcastle's finest pubs.
Saxon Sky: Long Itchington-The Green Man
zweiblumen: The Old Joint Stock
zweiblumen: Old Hooky at The Old Joint Stock