fiomamyblue: My beautiful utopia
fiomamyblue: Pro smoke (self portrait)
fiomamyblue: I'm the goblin of the countryside
fiomamyblue: Ciuchino and my tits
fiomamyblue: Purse snatcher #2
fiomamyblue: purse snatcher (self portrait)
fiomamyblue: Grease
silvestro80: thoughts
fiomamyblue: Did George best or the mini cooper drink more?
fiomamyblue: The scent of Salento (self portrait)
Valter Quattrini: selma@trinitàdeimonti
fiomamyblue: I'm fan of rolling stones
fiomamyblue: Salento
fiomamyblue: Noah (self portrait)
fiomamyblue: Beautiful Italian vinyls
fiomamyblue: Nikita
fiomamyblue: Self portrait
fiomamyblue: Frida waiting for her diego (self portrait)
silvestro80: IMG_7562
fiomamyblue: Gladiator
silvestro80: IMG_7566
fiomamyblue: She smiles and doesn't tell you her age
fiomamyblue: Come and see my butterfly collection?
fiomamyblue: The sky in a room
fiomamyblue: A tir called desire
rossolev: Prada [ il potere di suggestionare dei grandi marchi della moda]