kenthys012: Cold as ice
Sarah Wonderling: saturday morning coffee
Sarah Wonderling: glamour items
kenthys012: Cold as ice
achim brandt: rücklicht
kenthys012: Cold as ice
lunacabreroig: The need to be the one who's found, not the one that seeks •
elisa.ristori78: Untitled
kenthys012: Patterns
stimuloog: Bird poop on (renovated) church roof
achim brandt: speaker
booksin: blue bars
noitalsnarT_nI_tsoL: ... finds a way!
lunacabreroig: Se supone •
tom-quinn: White Sands Minimal
Jack Toolin: Martin Kippenberger at MoMA, New York City, 2009.
booksin: UCSD Color Field Study #1
Josh Getman: Tomatoes-at-Sunset---DSC_4906-copy
tom-quinn: White Sands Sunset