Robycrux: Old time stories...still actual
CLE Camera Guy: Vote Early
Gilbert Mercier: Tornado aftermath: wrecked brick building
Gilbert Mercier: Tornado aftermath: wrecked indusrial building
Robert Lio: Esterel
Robert Lio: Farming
beechnut1969: Shanghai portrait
gerrypopplestone: Sealing the tarmac
beechnut1969: Stage girls and topless man
Gilbert Mercier: Confederate flag in front of a modest house: Trumpistan's true colors
Chris Hooton: Larnaca, Cyprus 2013
reurinkjan: The elephant rock and Nyenchen Tanglha mountain range, Tibet 2019
CLE Camera Guy: Ready and Waiting
beechnut1969: Elvis lives
ElectroClown: Enter Sandman
spoilt.exile: Дана Виноградова / Dana Vinogradova
Leanne Boulton: A Reflection of 2020
Leanne Boulton: Filtered
Amateur ph'r from Leeds.: Graffiti reflection in the Leeds - Liverpool canal.
Amateur ph'r from Leeds.: Roundhay park lake.