Nils Jorgensen: flashoflight It's how you tell 'em What an encore! Bus queue Waiting for the bus The Barrier
Nils Jorgensen: marlborocountry
HieuTruong - VietNam: A moment of Ha Giang.
pxlline: Business Time
pxlline: Swanky Scowl
photosbywurm: Brei, Herself, and I
Nelson de Oliveira: The Alfama's Dog
hifiviscera: Sittin On The Dock
Mambo Ferido: Phuket, Thailand
hifiviscera: Three Men
hifiviscera: Chowder
Gio Benevento: Chicago Reader
Maiwambu: Foot Path
LandyFanWerner: Kirmes in Waldenrath
Filter Free Photography: Having a Latte
The Glass Eye: Night Taxi
julifuture: For me it was really hard to wait our train 10 hours at the cold and wet station. The schedule had been changing every 30 minutes, so I couldn't go away from the station. And I saw another India here: dirty, poor, hopeless and submissive, with wide open