Lilywhites2009: Shot from floor
Lilywhites2009: Cherry profile
Spenser.Cat: Perfection
Lilywhites2009: Close up
mirka koot: Wodan and his crown
mirka koot: Ivar is owning his crown;)
mirka koot: King Ivar
mirka koot: Sleepy prince
Lilywhites2009: On the elementary school bag
Lilywhites2009: Night shot
eagle1effi: working cat preset: 8fps plus BBF Back Button Focus with FOCUS Ai Servo
Lilywhites2009: Profile shot
Jorbasa: Oscar, der Tagträumer - Oscar, daydreamer
U-77: Mexx
eagle1effi: Maine Coon on a chair our lovely Miezi Grace Silvana Lady
Oleksandra Photography: Happy 4th Birthday my queen!
Lilywhites2009: Fluffy Sisters
*closed for a while*: Vito~My lil lion
Spenser.Cat: Late afternoon 20190914_142814 20190914_142944 20190914_142908 20190222_060037 🐈👑 🐈👑