sharongellyroo: Just Walking the Dogs!
dobes4life: My heart and soul
dobes4life: Sirens went off on tv and he sings the song of his people
dobes4life: Bestfriends
dobes4life: My handsome old man
bjcoving: Petey
skipscales: Poorly Pook
dobes4life: I eat your face
sharongellyroo: On the Run
skipscales: Not forgotten
dobes4life: My heart
One_Track: My Baby
sharongellyroo: Running Through Welsh Mist!
Diney McCallen: Staffies are special .. why? They have a heart-shaped face
dobes4life: Riley Creek tunnel. Or more appropriately now, Prince's tunnel. Chanhassen, MN.
dobes4life: Bathing in the sun
dobes4life: She gets so irritated getting her photo taken
dobes4life: The light to my dark
sharongellyroo: YAHOOOOO!!!!
NP Ranch: Pete working
bjcoving: Petey Lamenting the Rain
skipscales: Harmony kibbles!
dobes4life: squirrel tv