HHolbrook17: Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue
HHolbrook17: Sniffing
dobes4life: Most loyal guy I know
dobes4life: Tired pups after a big play session
sharongellyroo: Just Dodge!
sharongellyroo: Just Dodge!
sharongellyroo: Just Dodge!
Janinegh21: Selfie
sharongellyroo: Waiting Impatiently
Sierra_the_Dog: Innocent and beautiful Sierra
sharongellyroo: Am I a Good Boy Mum?
dobes4life: She'll be 13 soon
lyövi: Oscar
dgwphotography: Have Sun, Will Sleep
dobes4life: singing the song of his people
Ron and Co.: Rosie patiently waiting...
Paul Freidel: Pandemic Puppy
dgwphotography: Daaaaaaaaaad....
dgwphotography: Dad.... When is it going to be nice out?