iz@ra: "Sometimes I lie in the grass and can not see me at all, and the world is so nice"...
Miwedi: Blick auf den Canale di San Marco
bigbuddy1988: _DSC4403
picturetakingone: Sunset from Downtown Norfolk
kevinwolves: Silverstone 2019, Lewis Hamilton
ron gallagher: DSC_1000
ron gallagher: DSC_0996
Miwedi: Gondeln und San Giorgio Maggiore
marcus.dennland: Njupeskär
iz@ra: When the butterflies wake up
iz@ra: Loves, likes, respects ...
<p&p>photo: Flying Scotsman Rally 2015
<p&p>photo: Flying Scotsman Rally 2015
Miwedi: Venedig
Miwedi: Die Tauben vom Markusplatz
newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi: 0830_BRI_S_UconnFTB_7650
newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi: 1113_S_newingtonconard1466
bigbuddy1988: Happy4th-2019
Miwedi: Venedig
newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi: 0307_BRI_A_sptvillehoops_3442
picturetakingone: John Stamos as Albert Peterson in Bye Bye Birdie
a.penny: .....
Erik Christensen242: _DSC5334_3229
Erik Christensen242: _DSC5357_3248
a.penny: la plage
newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi: 0522_BRI_A_BBA_1779
newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi: 0522_BRI_A_BBA_1757
newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi: 0522_BRI_A_scholars_1878
Joan Amigó: Reflexes
m.maenishi: DSC_4155