wjaachau: Serenity
Winter Moon ☽: at the lake this morning
Crisp Photography 1977: West Virginia Drive
Through Serena's Lens: Beautiful Autumn Afternoon
stv.photo09: Estrie photo de Stéphane Vachon
stv.photo09: Bromont photo de Stéphane Vachon
stv.photo09: Bolton photo de Stéphane Vachon
stv.photo09: Iron Hill photo de Stéphane Vachon
Norbert Kaiser: Der Herbst kündigt sich an...
Jim Zenock: _MG_7841_DxO
Andreas Komodromos: A walk in the park - New York City
Andreas Komodromos: Emerald Towers - Central Park, New York City
kazu_1: IMG_6469・平等院ライトアップ
kazu_1: IMG_6031・宇治川
pienw: [autumn]
heinrich.hehl: Der Herbst ist gekommen - Autumn has come
Sidhant_Verma: Trichonephila clavata #S_creationz
Michael.Kemper: Germany / Saxony-Anhalt - Harz
wjaachau: Golden Autumn Forest Pathways
wjaachau: Autumn in the forest
wjaachau: Autumn's In The Air
wingerjohanne: Sometimes I think the road up to Røed is so long. But when I am there in the allee, I like to walk there. I see the nature around me, so I have nothing to complain about, I think. So nice with all the colors this time of year.
PHOTOPHANATIC1: Chrysanthemum
angelinas: golden riverside leaves
paulv21: Red leaves on Virginia Creeper. IMG_20200923_162117780