leo.roos: Arcade
leo.roos: Reflection
leo.roos: Dirty rainbow
leo.roos: Fence
bobbykwibus: Bridge, Deventer, the Netherlands
rocami19: livinG lineS | Berlin
rocami19: livinG structurE | Berlin
leo.roos: Wall waiting for spring
leo.roos: Dutch rail
anescient: prisporshinal
leo.roos: Fence
arnomen: Lumineuse !
leo.roos: Identification
leo.roos: You can´t always get what you want
Jan van der Wolf: Reflections VI
leo.roos: Rail
leo.roos: Bathroom mirror
German Vogel: Ghadr and Sejjil ballistic missiles of Iran's defense in military exhibition in Tehran
Jan van der Wolf: Stairway with green tiles and red handrails
leo.roos: Rusty structure