aestheticsofcrisis: DSCN9507 copy
aestheticsofcrisis: Minotaur
aestheticsofcrisis: Ruin Fish
aestheticsofcrisis: Sculpture 1
aestheticsofcrisis: Sculpture 2
aestheticsofcrisis: R U Vegan Yet?
aestheticsofcrisis: Cloud Atlas
aestheticsofcrisis: Balkan migrant route
aestheticsofcrisis: First, is this art?
aestheticsofcrisis: Six six five Kyiv
aestheticsofcrisis: Stop violence against women
aestheticsofcrisis: Light your future bright
aestheticsofcrisis: Squirrel
aestheticsofcrisis: I am drinking no more, I am drinking no less
aestheticsofcrisis: I wish you could learn something useful from the past
aestheticsofcrisis: Make fascists afraid again
aestheticsofcrisis: The inspiration is endless
duncan: graffiti, Shoreditch