Cyril Godissart: Âme d'automne
Adrián R Simoni: Utetheisa pulchella
Yves Déry: Faon - Cerf de Virginie / Fawn
Joseph Trojani: Swan take-off
wayne.withers1970: Robin (Explored)
Larry Wilkin: Great Egret Lunchtime
Boris Kukushkin: Untitled / Без названия
Noodles Photo: Bachstelze mit Beute - White wagtail with prey
RavenPHD: Holly
shanicy: A Lebanon Viper (Montivipera bornmuelleri) A beautiful snake from Mt Hermon, Israel, 6.19
Marcosbamala: Instinto animal
JerryGoulet: Mute Swam
Valentin Laurentziu: Bird Feeding
stanislasmiralla: le duo du soir
Weja 68: JWV_Downey emerald male
healphotography: OSPREY CARRYING A FISH
ben christie: Two eyes 👀
aracobis: P'ti capri....
craigbell174: Red Deer...
Céanndhubahn: Youngster
Aves Lux: Zebra Jumping Spider 2x
Mikael Sigurðsson: Óðinshani - Red-necked phalarope - Phalaropus lobatus
Scottish_And_Proud: Osprey ( male ).
aducas: DSC_0702_DxO
Omygodtom: Tiny Portrait.
geoffmahiques: A flash of colour on an otherwise dull day back in January... Oystercatcher in Gloucestershire