Steve took it: wetlands sunset
Steve took it: How to put pretty stuff in those drops. Tutorial below:
clever thought: A Hymn of God's Words God's Glory Rests on All Creations
d.cobb56: Ladybug!
Redeemed By His (Christ) Grace: Upon that short time, eternity depends! (Jeremy Taylor)
Redeemed By His (Christ) Grace: NEVER! - J. C. Ryle
Phil Bissi: R E Y N I S D R A N G A R
MDK-Photography: Allium in bloom
Redeemed By His (Christ) Grace: Do not expect a smooth and easy path! (Arthur Pink, "David's Flight")
Redeemed By His (Christ) Grace: These rare pictures! (J.R. Miller)
Phil Bissi: S V A R T I F O S S
Elaine31: Pineapple Guava with edible Blossom!
Redeemed By His (Christ) Grace: Wave upon wave of grace (A Puritan Prayer)
Phil Bissi: Ö X A R À R F O S S
momathew: Little bee-eater (Merops pusillus)
MDK-Photography: Bumblebee
momathew: Dusk...and a predator views the gathering gloom...
MDK-Photography: House Sparrow
momathew: Great White Pelican - Portrait
Elaine31: In the Garden
Julius310: Baumpilze
Redeemed By His (Christ) Grace: He chose you to be trophies of His grace! (Charles Spurgeon)
Julius310: Veilchenohrkolibri
Redeemed By His (Christ) Grace: Who does He think He is? (Frank Hall)
Welsh photographs - Rook captured at Clarach Bay, Ceredigion, Wales, UK 09.05.18 (N005 16)
yanndo2b: Caldera de Taburiente (La Palma)
Julius310: Frühlingsimpression in bunt
Julius310: Biene an Krokusblüte
Welsh photographs - My best pal Chip having fun at Aberdyfi this morning 11.05.18
Julius310: Bellis