cigalamatteo: Ovunque vada
LXG_Photos: Roadside
camera.etcetera: No.2 Folding Film Pack Hawk-Eye
darkcanopy: morning play
Jims Photo-Rama: Sony A6000 & Rokinon 14 MM
grahamhutton: Last light at Cwmorthin Quarry
wavz13: Still life with 5 boxes of 1970s Kodak 110 film and a pack of GE Flash Cubes during the afternoon "golden hour" taken with freezer-stored Konica 110 film which had expired 3 years ago. Shot with a Pentax Auto-110, the smallest SLR ever made. Sept 1999
buzzer999: Kodak Ektapro 80 Slide Tray for the Carousel Projectors
geneharlow: 000312750023
buzzer999: Kodak Carousel S-AV 2050 Slide Projector
darkcanopy: cycling me
darkcanopy: biking buddy
darkcanopy: biking buddy
buzzer999: Kodak Carousel Projector Advertisement from the National Geographic Magazine of May 1965
geneharlow: 000484560007
camera.etcetera: No.2 Rainbow Hawkeye model C box camera
John Woolley Photos: Lorna_1981_03_Boulogne_A3_600dpi
darkcanopy: modern heritage
camera.etcetera: No.2 Hawk-eye model C box cameras
camera.etcetera: Kodak 66 Model III folding rollfilm camera and case
geneharlow: 000311320009
Neil Kesterson: Sign of Aging
ihatetotravel: VPK Test 1
ihatetotravel: VPK Test 2
ihatetotravel: VPK Test 3
ihatetotravel: Chicago Theater