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Old aviation photos: Messerschmitt Bf 109
chris murkin: P-51D Mustang NL51HY 124-48192 45-11439 Vought F4U-4 Corsair 97143 N713JT JT-416
chris murkin: Douglas Dakota C47B USAAF 44-77104 RAF KP220 G-ANAF
SomeBlokeTakingPhotos: IMG_3935 1940's Re-Enactor
stu norris: Yakovlev Yak-3U 0470202 G-OLEG - Will Greeenwood
Ronald_H: Film shots from 2012
shanairpic: B24D LIBERATOR 41-24311 USAAF
shanairpic: B24D LIBERATOR 41-24311 USAAF
shanairpic: B24D LIBERATOR 41-24311 USAAF
chris murkin: Douglas Dakota C47A DC3C USAAF 42-100882 RAF TS422 2100882 N473DC DRAG-EM-OOT
photolibrarian: WWII, Women Marines, New Recruits
BlackWatch2000: Harry Potter joins the German Army to defeat 'The Dark Lord' aka Joseph Stalin
shanairpic: CONSOLIDATED B24J 44-44175 USAF side.
samitoivonpka: SA-kuva #97431 - Colorized
chris murkin: 2AA_2565 North American P51C Mustang Lopes Hope the 3rd NL6555B Last Military Serial 43-24907 USAAF
photolibrarian: St. Tropaz, France, WWII, Beach, Medic, 3rd Division
photolibrarian: St. Tropaz, France, WWII, Mine, Explosion
canong2fan: Pillbox with a View
canong2fan: Windblown Memorial
canong2fan: Hurricane and Avant
samitoivonpka: SA-kuva #110227 - Colorized
davidsbingham: Arromanches Gold Beach
SomeBlokeTakingPhotos: IMG_3928 1940's Re-Enactor
BlackWatch2000: A German soldier admiring himself in an army vehicle's mirror after a shave during WW2