V-Fox Alberti: Summer sun
V-Fox Alberti: Like water for sunflowers
V-Fox Alberti: Music in words.
Photobooth Portraits: Grace and Marnie. Sisters on a sofa
captured views: giving mom her best Cooper's Hawk stare
V-Fox Alberti: Unusual place for an appointment!
Photobooth Portraits: Beach 007 named
V-Fox Alberti: Dreams are desires.
V-Fox Alberti: The most beautiful color?
V-Fox Alberti: Appointment
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birdlives9: 42844935822_74e6d1b05b_o (1)
Photobooth Portraits: Evie at the beach
Photobooth Portraits: Lisa and Neil with Florence
Photobooth Portraits: _IMG4515_Fotor
licornenoir: Connection
Vanessa Pike-Russell: Philip Russell
Vanessa Pike-Russell: Philip dressed up as a Samurai at Kyoto Maica in Kyoto, Japan
buddhadog: GJ -:- 6730