SarahLTweedale: Eagle in the golden maple-
SarahLTweedale: sun and cloud morning sept 8 2021
SarahLTweedale: sea and sky oct 16 pm
SarahLTweedale: the sandy beach at thanksgiving_
SarahLTweedale: morning sky october 8
Roshine Photography: ROSH9857-Edit.jpg
Roshine Photography: ROSH9753-Pano-Edit.jpg
Peter raincoast: Salish Sea
Feist, Michael - FunnyFence - catchthefuture: 7214172A - Early rhythms of the dawn approaching, set in motion by previous travelers seeking the new day.
Feist, Michael - FunnyFence - catchthefuture: 20210717 - Dawn is the property of a great magician.
SarahLTweedale: rising sun may 16 2021
SarahLTweedale: before sunrise Sunday May 16
Feist, Michael - FunnyFence - catchthefuture: Puzzled as I gaze through a window of time not knowing is one coming or going, having left the table unfinished.
SarahLTweedale: the rising sun spilling its light over the horizon
SarahLTweedale: rising sun may 11
SarahLTweedale: Lion Islet at sunrise
SarahLTweedale: evening clouds may 5
SarahLTweedale: Short-billed Dowitcher at the shore
Tulpaloose: Karla Sax at Kits Beach 3052
Peter raincoast: Salish Sea
Roshine Photography: IMGP4185-Edit.jpg