Steve.D.Hammond.: Bottom Of Mount Koya.
Petr Johan Marek: Brut no.1
Steve.D.Hammond.: Greek Tragedy.
ѕσηιc: cαяяу уσυ...
Tony Macrellis: darkness cannot drive out darkness...
ѕσηιc: тнεяε ιѕ иσ тυяиιиg вαcк...
Steve.D.Hammond.: Strangulation.
Christian J.Carter: Bring the light
Ted Wist.: wasps have their role
Steve.D.Hammond.: Policing The Boundaries Between Reality And Imagination.
Steve.D.Hammond.: Exorcism.
Steve.D.Hammond.: Polite Conceits.
Christian J.Carter: All good things are wild and free
Steve.D.Hammond.: Antecedent Dictions.
Flowscine: If you don´t have a vision of where you´re going, you drift around and never end up anywhere - stand for something in your life, do not forget to see with your heart and do not lose your smile
Clarrissa Grey: Waiting for my train
Hax Art & Photography: ALWAYS FOREVER AND A DAY
cdn.slacker: 6400 ISO FLASH / NATURAL LIGHT = PUSH L KEY
dom agius: diary #2479: The White Stairwell
Semmi: St Anne and the Pigeons
ѕσηιc: Drune: East Of Eden 10,000L Photo Contest #Drune10kContest
Steve.D.Hammond.: Gothic Moons.
Clarrissa Grey: Eye Opening
tina negus: Basket silhouette
Steve.D.Hammond.: Meditating Perceptions.