Kevin Turinsky: The Forest in my Tea
robekkah.ritchie: cherry blossoms
MiChaH: gingertea
gpa.1001: Duality
Arranion: A Cup full of Winter.
hmdavid: Tea and Takahashi
Jade Division Media: A cup of chai with saffron
100-yearstolive: Pinkies up again.
lizzieisdizzy: Day 190.
SMD Pics: 2019_06_29 Breakfast Bakery Tea c
mkniebes: a cup of Wen-Shan Pouchong
Jen's Photography: iPhone tea: 8
asri.: *silent morning*
aracycassuli: Happy Time #happytime #teatime #itsalwaysteatime #tea #uatt
Gildaceratops: PakonAB022
cold_penguin1952: ladybug_teaball_5Div5628
mkniebes: Gyokuro
Raffa2112: Tea time
wertheim: Teatime (Home)
wertheim: Teatime (Honolulu Coffee Co.)
wertheim: Tea in Tsukuba
cold_penguin1952: spectacles_5Div5604
wertheim: Welcoming Tea
wmpe2000: the last of my stash of souvia breakfast tea
Donald Morrison: A nice brew before the removals start
Donald Morrison: Tea at Lochinver
Yesteryear-Automotive: Feeling blue, "Have a Brew". "Blue for you ME 2019"!!!.
MrPuffy: Afternoon Tea