Morgan501: Welcome Home.
Andre T 44: Tout est là.........tout est dit.....
Mr. Lincoln: "If you could only read my mind..."
romanlazarev_rd: EBCJ6196
disqueliu: The little girl is helping her parents to watch the "shop", which is actually some shelves and some furniture attached to a wall.
柄松稔 minoru karamatsu: Road with postbox
Ricardo Pallejá: La realidad en sombras.
puuuuuuuuce: Stripes in Chilaw
sakamichi-66: Tokyo sketch 165
bernarddespierre: " Les lignes #14"
Titoak: Esperando que llegue
The Sasson: 2014-040-0024
ugoj: ****
comaineuil: Golehouse, Delhi
trevsymo: IMG_1437
Wolfgang Bazer: Wiener Musikverein
wojofoto: Kathmandu
tonylombardo2008: Arena, escolleras y olas...
angcar66: Calle Caballeros
Apple Blues: en hiver
mtwhitelock: Speed Shopping
Thofo: Kiosk Prenzlauer Berg
peer.heesterbeek: Queen street
jeangrgoire_marin: La passante sur le pont
t.blower: Cafe girl with reflections