grmeyer: Underfoot
grmeyer: Underfoot
Mickster.: Just Another Skiff
Mickster.: Salmon
Mickster.: Ice Nebula
Mickster.: Along the Trail
Mickster.: Beneath the Sole
Mickster.: Poor Mother
janeland: A19192 / reflective floor with extra texture
cooliceblue: a leaf on the pavement
cooliceblue: 2 feet, one hand, better watch out for that quicksand
cooliceblue: X - observed while walking about
janeland: A19178 / concrete comp pierced by pillar
janeland: A19180 / minimalism down here
janeland: A19175 / gallery visitor almost got away
janeland: A19172 / illusion of a 3-diamond bench
janeland: A19153 / mural on roll-up / dollar on terrazo
janeland: A19078 / pierce street open house: vestibulish
janeland: A19094 / pierce street open house: hue shifted underfoot
janeland: A18983 / underfoot by the still life
janeland: A19071 / another abstract with asphalt
janeland: A19011 / having been spray painted black, the invisible bucket remains invisible
janeland: A18925 / underfoot at fort mason
janeland: A18924 / pink arc gets the special treatment
janeland: A18916-924 / jane out in the parking lot making a collage with the concrete and the asphalt
janeland: A18840 / symmetricized rorschach underfoot on pier 15
janeland: A18684 / tomki abstract
janeland: A18685 / tomki y\y
janeland: A18631 / yellow sculpture on white pedestal with grey shadows and extra texture, of course
janeland: A18544 / underfoot and symmetricized, with extra texture