John Picken: Northern Cardinal
Glatz Nature Photography: The Look of . . . Rut
ricardo00: The male WTK brought home a treat today for the female though I missed the transfer
ricardo00: Honey I am home! Not sure if he was looking for some afternoon delight or part of the vole
ricardo00: Goodbye Jack! The female took off with the rest of the vole.
Nikki Nobles: Cottontail
Bob Boudreau: Red Sky in the Morning, Sailors take warning!
Astral Will: Stately Crow
Patti Deters: Yellow Tang at Molokini Crater, Maui
Patti Deters: Glacier at Lake Louise and Mount Victoria
Zach Frieben: Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks
ricklebaudour: Female Vermillion Flycatcher- Tucson, Az.
ricklebaudour: Verdin on cactus- Tucson, Az.
ricklebaudour: Pyrrhuloxia Male- Ash Canyon Preserve, Az.
Don Cassel: Red-breasted Nuthatch
Ron Buening: A Challenger Approaches!
Ron Buening: Eastern Phoebe Settles In
miketabak: Prairie Falcon
Dancing Snake Nature Photography: _45A0784 Tri-colored Heron ©Dancing Snake Nature Photography
ronzigler: Small flock of Eastern Bluebirds IMG_4536
ronzigler: Small flock of Eastern Bluebirds IMG_4533
Svengali Jack: Bronx Zoo Gorillas-4.jpg
Gf220warbler: Northern Flicker
Gf220warbler: Northern Flicker
lokiblacksheep: DBA_0497
Kevin Povenz: Trumpeter Swan
Kevin E. Fox: Sandhill Crane
Bad Kicker: Red-winged blackbird
bassangler73: DSC_7587
bassangler73: DSC_7588