All I want for Christmas is a Leica: Hayes Island Snack Bar, a City Centre must do, with what was the old Central Library in the background.
rcomard3: Paruline flamboyante / American Redstart
Alea ♥: Whole lot of leavin'
rcomard3: Cardinal rouge / Northern Cardinal
Wayloncash: Lucy_0706
daveymills37886: BR Standard Class 5 73156 Loughborough Central
rcomard3: Cerf de Virginie / White-tailed Deer
Shang-fu Dai: 武陵農場茶莊●兆豐茶園~粉紅佳人櫻花流星銀河~ Cherry blossom milkyway
Seventh Heaven Photography - (Travel): Kinkaku Ji Temple (The Golden Pavilion)
rcomard3: Cerf de Virginie / White-tailed Deer
-BigM-: Porsche Pavillion
Ulrich Scharwächter: C609 Santorin
alllex777: Night light
peterdayson: Pyrenees4BW
ManOfYorkshire: Cigar Merchant, Hastings Old Town. Sussex.
Alexandre D_: Water drops
Seckington Images: Les Baux, Old Town, France
beetle2001cybergreen: Vintage Scheurich West German Pottery Vase 266-28 Mid Century Modern Design
Knut-Arve Simonsen: Chania 2.3, Crete
Cornelis photographer / author: France, Strasbourg (European Parliament) -2013
Aleksey Stepanov: выпал снег
joeryCampos: X20_13990_Ella_2019
gabrielebettelli56: SWITZERLAND - Basel