joshhikes: Cathédrale Marie-Reine-Du-Monde
akahawkeyefan: OLD FRIENDS
Grooover: Jus Passin Thru
akahawkeyefan: I REMEMBER WHEN
akahawkeyefan: WILD & CRUEL
akahawkeyefan: HELLO OPERATOR
Just Back: scarf, wool, Dutch
Frayed-Knot: Newbourne Springs
POP'S PIC'S: Furness Abbey
akahawkeyefan: DRIVEN
POP'S PIC'S: Old Red Phone Box
POP'S PIC'S: Lovely couple...
anyjazz65: Points of Interest
Grooover: The quality checks at the flashbulb factory were quite rigorous.
POP'S PIC'S: View from Roa Island causeway.
POP'S PIC'S: Bunker...
Archie Tucker: _DSF0420_DxO
Multielvi: Send In The Clowns
Grooover: Lost at sea
akahawkeyefan: TAKE THAT HALLMARK!
anyjazz65: Dale Chihuly
akahawkeyefan: CASH FLOW
akahawkeyefan: TACOS
POP'S PIC'S: Blocking the path...
Grooover: Submarine protoype discovered during very low tide
akahawkeyefan: CATCH THE WAVE
Grooover: Pollarded Oaks
akahawkeyefan: WELCOME TO MY TOWN
Grooover: The colour looks a bit rung out