jadedirishgryphon: Not Quite Ready for a Commitment
jadedirishgryphon: Somewhat Disgruntled
jadedirishgryphon: Rico Suave
Tom Mortenson: Morning's First Light
Tom Mortenson: Handsome Devil
First.Light.55: A Candle Flame Sunrise
Tom Mortenson: Fresh Coat
andrewslaterphoto: Piercing Winter
johndecember: Wisconsin Cold Storage
big+pilot: 101 of 365 - Snow trail - Into the woods
Tom Mortenson: Gus Klenke's Garage and Flower Bed
Tinpixels: Valley autumn
jadedirishgryphon: Ice Shelves 3
jadedirishgryphon: Ice Shelves 2
jadedirishgryphon: Ice Shelves 1
Al Mullen: hillside
Al Mullen: Dorsha
Tom Mortenson: Relaxation Time
madcitylife: Ashes to Ashes
Tinpixels: Old boat
jadedirishgryphon: Sunday Waves & Ice 3
jadedirishgryphon: Sunday Waves & Ice 2
jadedirishgryphon: Sunday Waves & Ice 1