@WineAlchemy1: Keeping an eye out
palmerb16: Could this be a Roman bridge?
Yann Tang: A pattern of decoration setting on the ridge of the dune
Archi & Philou: PA 1336 / Space Invader (décembre 2017)
Frank Hellmiß2010: DB 193 391-0 am 21.09.2021 in Saarmund
hawki2at33: M5H02021(1)
七福神: nakanojo,Cras maximus dolor eu ex malesuada, shimonita, non mollis augue dapibus. Vestibulum sit amet est a est laoreet malesuada. Fusce consectetur / たぶん中之条町か下仁田町、銀座でもいいし、どこでもよい、榛名湖から榛名富士、いや宮池から讃岐富士!、香川県大好き!また行くね、うどん食べに!てっぱい も!せっとるけんこんもにして!!
John Woolley Photos: YX10EYT_1808_Bridlington
r-h-b pictures: Cold as Ice
hawki2at33: D2CF5508-1
John Woolley Photos: 75029_1302_Grosmont
palmerb16: High school soccer.
Thank you, my friends, Adam!: Happy Childhood (explored on 11/22/2022)
hawki2at33: D1CF0304-1
hilgers1944: Westerholt
hilgers1944: Charbonnage du Hasard
Frank Hellmiß2010: 101 131-1 mit 115 198-4 und 115 261-0 in der Wuhlheide
Frank Hellmiß2010: Strausberger Platz
hilgers1944: Zweckel
hilgers1944: Anna I
kellylauryn: Prisoner of Love
kellylauryn: Blonde Ambition
David Otten Fotografie: Thunder Storm
Geronimo52: ... lovely colors ...
John Woolley Photos: 87031_1979_04_Scout_Green
Thank you, my friends, Adam!: Garden of Rocks (Explored on 11/6/2022)
hilgers1944: Wismaut SDAG Schacht 397