AlexiJimenez: Traffic Jam, New York City
JLaw45: NYC Taxi Ford Fusion
THE.ARCH: Soaring skyward...
smartiepants88: NYC Taxi
Photopaul15: Taxi Taxi Taxi
taigatrommelchen: 201905064 New York City Queens
taigatrommelchen: 201905013 New York City Chelsea
taigatrommelchen: 201904086 New York City East Village
taigatrommelchen: 201904034 New York City East Harlem
taigatrommelchen: 201903131 New York City Chelsea
Photopaul15: Spring in Manhattan
Photopaul15: Manhattan Street Life
Photopaul15: Grand Central Terminal NYC
Photopaul15: Winter Taxi
taigatrommelchen: 201902049 New York City Upper East Side
taigatrommelchen: 201902024 New York City Meatpacking District High Line Park
sanfrancisco2005: Radio City Music Hall NHP at the Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, NY
sanfrancisco2005: Cooper Union aka Foundation Building at Astor Sq in the East Village of Manhattan in New York City, NY (explored)
Clara Ungaretti: A lot of yellows
JLaw45: NYC Taxi Ford Crown Victoria
taigatrommelchen: 201810087 New York City Murray Hill
taigatrommelchen: 201810083 New York City Murray Hill
sanfrancisco2005: Hotel Pennsylvania at 401 7th Ave in Chelsea in Manhattan in New York City, NY
kevin_xyxl: Scion xB Boro Taxi
kevin_xyxl: Honda Accord Boro Taxi
kevin_xyxl: Ford Fusion NYC Taxi
kevin_xyxl: New Toyota Sienna NYC Taxi
kevin_xyxl: Nissan Altima NYC Taxi
kevin_xyxl: Ford Crown Victoria NYC Taxi