Sidhant_Verma: Deceased dark_soul stll having vibrance. #S_creationz
judyfrag: Kythnos island
judyfrag: Remote village of Fidakia, Evritania, Greece
judyfrag: Proussou Monastery. Evritania, Greece
bhotchkies: Mykonos - Windmills from Little Venice
bilwander: Greece, Macedonia, Pella prefecture, Edessa, traditional macedonian architecture
Lonfunguy: Athens - Acropolis at sunset
Lonfunguy: Lindos, Rhodes, Greece
chazheng: _MG_1421
chazheng: _MG_1283
Jojo__: Sun setting behind the hill of Filopappou...
Point-and-Sho2t: Olympia, Greece
Point-and-Sho2t: Olympia, Greece
Point-and-Sho2t: Olympia, Greece
free3yourmind: Eternity
Brad Visser: 298/366 On the other side
WarwickGB: Zante Windmill PICT0039
Arthur.Urbano: Bronze censer (Athens, Greece)
east med wanderer: Orchid, Sougia, Crete
tonydeli7.: Boeing 737-300
Jiakometi: Aegina - Early 20th century, residence.
Jiakometi: Aegina, Local architecture 1
williespictures: concentration
williespictures: concentration 6
williespictures: before fishing
i.xenikakis: You forgot about me...
judyfrag: Inside an old Greek monastery looking up
judyfrag: Detail from one of the many beautiful old houses in the region of Evritania, Greece