joelschalit: No app for the trash. Tel Aviv, October 2019.
Alex_Saurel: Papua girl from Dani tribe, Jiwika village, Baliem Valley - Occidental Papua, Indonesia
Alex_Saurel: Papua traditionnal show at Jiwika village in Balliem Valley - Occidental Papua - Version 2
Alex_Saurel: Laotian senior woman washing baby
Alex_Saurel: Laotian boy fishing
damonlynch: Filipino families living amongst garbage
camy_wissinger: Uros woman
Alex_Saurel: Laotian little girl sewing 2
Alex_Saurel: Laotian woman carrying a baby 1
Alex_Saurel: Laotian children playing in a village
camy_wissinger: Vinicunca, Peru
camy_wissinger: Kids playing in Vinicunca
Etching Stone: share the fish and hxaro the world
jm.durand1953: DSC_7568.jpg
Rod Waddington: Mounding Dung
Alex_Saurel: Laotian little boy and mother
Alex_Saurel: Street seller in Hanoi
Alex_Saurel: Street seller with chinese hat in Hanoi
Etching Stone: I had the day off and practised skipping goldcoins into the sea where the golfcourt meets the ocean
MobileSnapShooter: 20200207_144501
Alex_Saurel: Laotian children playing earth sledges
Alex_Saurel: Laotian familly at fountain in a village 1
DawnOne: IrelandPark20140905_037sm
DawnOne: IrelandPark20140905_040sm
DawnOne: DublinHopOnHopOffsm_20190607_022
Alex_Saurel: Laotian girl carrying baby 1
Alex_Saurel: Laotian mother wrapping baby
Alex_Saurel: Laotian woman carrying a baby 3
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