sarahstierch: Lake Tahoe as seen from room 1001
sarahstierch: View from 1001
Poupetta: 'Little Italy'
leo.roos: Urban autumnère: 293: liquid light dribbles
annsofic: Claws, paws, feet
hobbit68: Windows...
phil anker: At work
jsmaur: RODALQUILAR-mine d'or-Denver Plant-1956
unleicaly: segments, fragments, sliced
Anthony D Barraclough: Windows & Grillwork 686-7-703-6-1
Richard C. Johnson: AKA fishwrapcomix: Thrift shop mannequin, homage to Edward Hopper's 'Office at Night'
stevejenkins5: Working Lunch
seaside traveller: from the taxi window, LA, 2011
that petrol emotion: Sunlight, Shadows and Sunglasses, Aberdeen
Poupetta: כי ביתי בית תפילה יקרא לכל העמים. ישעיהו נו
Poupetta: Walking by
leo.roos: The woman in the window
Poupetta: I love windows
karma (Karen): sliding the clouds
Anthony D Barraclough: Ye Olde Saloon 443bw-1
Kleebär: ferropolis words
Orland Park Birdie Girl: View of the Tuesday Evening Storms from My Office Window (Cook County, Illinois)
Orland Park Birdie Girl: Lovely Sunlight
Orland Park Birdie Girl: Sunlight Through Out Kitchen Window