chris murkin: 1941 Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk 108 USAAF 41-35927 N1941P Delivered to RAF as ET573 s/n 4181M
hedera.baltica: Blue tit
ajpm68: Cruise ship "AIDAmar" on an overcast January morning
ajpm68: Flock of bar-tailed godwits (Limosa lapponica)
John Woolley Photos: Qourn_&_Woodhouse_Stn_1812
Howdys: im Winterwald / in the winter forest
vaneramos: September evening on the dock
godran25: Mont Touleur
Maddalena Malfara: Central Park, NYC
peters452002: D TXL 193 991 Harbach 19-09--2022
ajpm68: German Navy corvette Oldenburg (F263)
ForceMajeureMontenegro: Ethno Jazz Club Sejdefa
Pieter Tamsma: RBH 107, RBH 116, Deves
Queen of the Swarm: Stored turf, Iceland
hedera.baltica: Cladonia fimbriata
godran25: Thionville - Immeuble Art Nouveau au 7 rue d'Angleterre (1903)
kennethbarker59240: 304. V3 Temple park
billbjerrum: 07_003
kennethbarker59240: 312 Squirrelling away Junge Rabenkrähe - Young carrion crow (Corvus corone) 220415_Perpignan_Street_5267
zimwizdotcom: Old Stand
EOSXTi: Sunflowers
EOSXTi: Misty Sunrise
Gene Ellison: Autumn 01 11.25.22
thebiblioholic: AD8A0089_L
Viejito: ♫ Oh Long May It Wave...♪
chris murkin: 1942 Douglas DC3C-S1C3G C/N 13485 N472AF this Aircraft has served with the following USAAF 42-93560 RAF as KG668 & RCAF 12942