jeanette_andersson: Self portrait
stumbleon: In The Failing Light of Day.
wwnorm: FDT on the bench
jeanette_andersson: Self portrait
dannyhennesy: Selfie MushroomBrain dancing to fast for the old canon digital snap
stumbleon: Waiting for the grass to grow.
Studio d'Xavier: Becky's Choice
stumbleon: Self Portrait with Wild Hairs.
Studio d'Xavier: An Offering to Saint Edmund the Martyr
jeanette_andersson: Self portrait
wwnorm: not too happy
Mount Fuji Man: The tennis fan
Studio d'Xavier: Portrait with a Rock Star
Mount Fuji Man: Choose your planking location carefully
Studio d'Xavier: Prayers to Saint Edmund the Martyr
Mount Fuji Man: One candle
Studio d'Xavier: A Bizarre Sign at the Metaphysical Leper Colony
Mickster.: Waiting Out the Bleakness
Mount Fuji Man: The Magritte aficionado
jeanette_andersson: Self portrait
Studio d'Xavier: Lord Luna of Krewe de Soirée
Studio d'Xavier: The Louisiana Winter Apocalypse
jeanette_andersson: Self portrait
Studio d'Xavier: Self Portrait on Blue
Studio d'Xavier: Portrait on Green with Twine with a Vague Bob Dylan Reference