rolabalthus: Smile Saturday optical
Flip the Script: Binocolo
Blende11#: Camera Obscura
Romano Off: Natura seca
Oh Kaye, too: Pour Painting Magnified
lh tanG: TLH_1777
#Sacho#: Helping Hands
Dana 48: the red glasses
jolynne_martinez: Candles
Anna An: Mona Lake
Kalboz: Pizza for Lunch
SDRPhoto321: Ranch (Cowboy/Cowgirl) Still Life
JLS Photography - Alaska: Optical Instruments . . .
MayorPaprika: Paprihaven 1619
Points North: Individual Brownie
spelio: I thought I had another one!
seanwalsh4: "Groovy" Explore #73
sarah springer.: where it's at :-)
Jon Hughes2: How do you focus this thing?
Through Serena's Lens: Delectable Erasers
hehaden: Near and far
Dionepsoc: View From Within
jesse1dog: Flaming Hot!
seppi_hofer: protein_sources_03
bps6162: Some assembly required
photozaki: Vintage Inspection Magnifier
vanhookc: Who do I see tiptoeing across my bridge?
belincs: 27/365 EST 1842
* M i c h e l l e *: 27/365 - taking notes
raylincoln1: It has layers