brancusi7: The Golden Arches (or was it bone spurs?)
brancusi7: Twilight Intervention (tamed)
hedshot: Our own memories, dark and empty, are full of holes
hedshot: Elemental #201: From The Deep. Looking north across the druid lake Cerrig-Bach, Anglesea.
brancusi7: In The Time Of The Backup Boys
Studio d'Xavier: Reflections on Life, Glory, Death and Sauce
brancusi7: Shiver Me Timbers
brancusi7: White Noise Pandemic
eeblet: the air
eeblet: when day is night
hedshot: Elemental #197: When Everything Changed, 2020
eye2eye: Double Exposure with Grandson
brancusi7: High Tea
mattbellphoto: NC State Fair 2018
brancusi7: Somehow, TV Could Never Quite Get The Celebratty Streetfight Formula Right
eeblet: rose colored lens
hedshot: Elemental #194: The trees reveal, Twilight mist forest spirits, Glowing pink at dusk.
eeblet: many hexes
brancusi7: Say Hello To The Green Lizard Boys, Again
eeblet: pavement painting
eeblet: making soup in the campfire
brancusi7: Tales Of The Manhunters (tamed)
Studio d'Xavier: Distancing Anxiety in the Age of CoVid
brancusi7: Behold All The Tasty Temptations Of Guilty Pop Religious Restraints (redux) (tamed)
eeblet: morning
brancusi7: Waiting Room (tamed)
eeblet: tree power
brancusi7: Handbags @Dawn Mode
Dead Betty: Dead Man Smoking.
brancusi7: It's Always A Happy Lockdown Somewhere