brancusi7: Behold All The Tasty Temptations Of Guilty Pop Religious Restraints (redux) (tamed)
eeblet: morning
brancusi7: Waiting Room (tamed)
eeblet: tree power
brancusi7: Handbags @Dawn Mode
Dead Betty: Dead Man Smoking.
brancusi7: It's Always A Happy Lockdown Somewhere
eeblet: intersection
eeblet: overload
brancusi7: Eyeless In Gaza (tamed)
brancusi7: Graham Loved To Gently Capture Small Creatures And Crush Them
eeblet: navigating dark waters
eeblet: marks of experience
Dead Betty: Pulp Ventura.
brancusi7: Ancient Figures In A Landscape #1
brancusi7: For The Inscrutable Future Much Of Which Has Now Passed Beyond Memory
hedshot: Elemental #180: Where the storm has gone, only I will remain
brancusi7: In An Alternative Reality
brancusi7: 0.1%
TheeErin: Snakes that are yellow at the beach
brancusi7: The Comfort Of Your Familiars
brancusi7: All Hail The Mighty Muppeteer
arielramos270: Autobus Cañada-Boulevard
eeblet: reach
eeblet: mélange
brancusi7: Ancient Equus Nay
"Fragments pictosophiques": oÙ NoUS PAPILLoNS LE VIDE . . (however blurbed)
eeblet: suited
brancusi7: On Boy Mutability