Dave In Oregon: Anna's Male
Bryan J. Smith: PUTHMG 0005
Fred Roe: In your face
mcphoto17: MD5_8070-1
mcphoto17: MD5_8067
Dave In Oregon: Anna's Male
cmescamilla: Ruby throated Hummingbird IMG_4023edtvg
pmsswim: guess who else gets excited by sunflowers? 6-13-19_045
grousehawker: GDW04317-Edit
grousehawker: GDW04319
Fred Roe: About to take off
Fred Roe: Front and back
Dave In Oregon: Rufous Torpor
cbjphoto: Mango brilliance
grousehawker: GDW04311-Edit
grousehawker: GDW04318-Edit
TariqhCN: Anna's hummingbird | LND6029
pmsswim: Happy Father's Day 6-1-19_021
Doug Santo: Hummingbird
jt893x: Ruby-throated Hummingbird
pedro lastra: Ruby Throated Hummingbird -Colibri Garganta Rubi - (Archilochus colubris) in flight nectaring on Shrimp flowers, Fairchild Tropical Botanic. Miami, Florida. USA.
brucefinocchio: Female Volcano Hummingbird Approaches Foxglove Blossoms Seeking Nectar
Fred Roe: Close encounters
Fred Roe: Dance of the hummers
pmsswim: (another) pretty bird 6-9-19_087
Anubis 0907: Chien de prairie
Doug Santo: Hummingbird
grousehawker: GDW04288-Edit
grousehawker: GDW04287-Edit
austexican718: hummer-106