mike13aug: standing guard
mike13aug: fenced in
mike13aug: nibbled
high noon 2012: By Pendle Water
Åhlander: Jungfrun, Gotland
lumiegor: Out of the window
Roman Svetlov: Autumn landscape
vertigo19659: redwing
Howard Somerville: The Oxfordshire Way in Autumn
vertigo19659: fisherking 3-
SWJuk: Z50_7281 - Gayle
mlektm50s1959: Pere Marquette State Park
SWJuk: Z50_7440 - Bolton Estate
Portokyo: Argiope bruennichi_Tigerspinne
SWJuk: Z50_7502 - Burtersett pastures
Poetic Vagabond: Down The Road (poetic ' hand in hand' version)
OutdoorMonkey: Vale of Ewyas
stephen dutch BDPS: Sit and contemplate
jeff.dugmore: Mwnt Sunrise
Wilfried J. Elspass: Lake of Pfaeffikon
joeldinda: Farmyards
lesleydugmore: New Quay
lesleydugmore: Llanberis
Tony Tooth: Tumbledown
ClickingShades: Red sleeve
Elzbieta Sosnowski: The most wonderful thing about them is their gallop…they frolick, rear, run, races and bite each other. (Alfred Brehm)
Åhlander: Blue Tit, Blåmes
Tony Tooth: MoorlandLane
mike13aug: wild ponies