CoolMcFlash: Christmas Market
Unproven Theorem: Budapest!
a7m2: Christmas market on Stephansplatz
Wolfgang Bazer: Inflated Santa
a7m2: Goats at the organic farm
Wolfgang Bazer: A Face in the Crowd
EPGraphics: Upper Belvedere Vienna
Wolfgang Bazer: Kohlmarkt
a7m2: The last leaves have fallen
CoolMcFlash: Geometry
try...error: Mazda MX-5
try...error: german tank made in USA
Wolfgang Bazer: Schloss Schönbrunn
Wolfgang Bazer: In der Rotenturmstraße
Wolfgang Bazer: Im Stephansdom
The Hobbit Hole: Late Fog
Wolfgang Bazer: Drinking Hot Punch
unclebobble: Augarten in Autumn
Wolfgang Bazer: Commercial Xmas Season
Wolfgang Binder: magenta and blue
a7m2: Fog in the Wienerwald
eduard 62: Ringstrasse Wien
eduard 62: Domkirche St. Stephan Wien
Wolfgang Bazer: In der Peterskirche in Wien