nickant44: Grunty's back (Explore - Jan 2022)
beckmarc: Rosie_1
nickant44: bee on Scabiosa
nickant44: red sky
wesleyparsons: 6MP9 CSR014, CSR015, CSR016, CSR006 at Fosters corner on Saturday the 8th of January
justjjoke: Regeneration coming along.
justjjoke: Regeneration coming along.
mikecogh: City and Hills View
Valley Imagery: Colours of Australia
nickant44: pink rose in shade
nickant44: butterfly
nickant44: Agapanthus - everywhere!
mikecogh: Dorper Sheep
Valley Imagery: Barossa Farmland
mikecogh: Two Harps
mikecogh: Riding a Tree
JohnJennings995: DSC_3623 abandoned farmhouse, Jeffrey Street, Nairne, South Australia
nickant44: Return of Harry the White-faced Heron
nickant44: White-faced Heron 2
nickant44: White-faced Heron
justjjoke: IMG_7269
nickant44: birdbox
nickant44: Sunflower and bees
nickant44: pink rose 400mm f8 ISO1600
nickant44: red rose along path
mikecogh: Chair on Blue Court
mikecogh: Barrel with a Shadow
mikecogh: Kicking the Footy
mikecogh: Bags of Horse Manure - $2
mikecogh: Arkaba Oval