rossendale2016: Manchester street art = FACE THE STRANGE
janeland: / stained glass detail at the met
adrian_nutter: Esk belle 111
adrian_nutter: bi coloured miniature daffs
adrian_nutter: Village Weaver bird
rossendale2016: Manchester street art ...FOOTBALL
Erbin D'kay: Industrial lines
janeland: A17427 / down below at the moma, with 3 peoples
janeland: A17347 / tarmac graphics
greyhorse_azeri: Yellow Details
Baipin: Komatsu Bloodletting
rossendale2016: An artist in rural France == probably Brittany or Normandy
memock2: Rose Vendée Globe
rossendale2016: Manchester, Shop selling Football shirts on Deansgate
rossendale2016: Manchester, VERY OLD STREET ART
Baipin: Sweet Saint Michigan
breakforlove: succubus
janeland: A16451 / sign of the california pizza kitchen, part 2
adrian_nutter: great tit 1
Baipin: Selfie
rossendale2016: VIDEO == Manchester -- Metro Tram coming out of the Tunnel at Piccadilly Railway Station onto London Road
Baipin: Redacted Black