bob_52: old lady
Marcelo Jaramillo Cisneros: Catedral antigua de Cuenca.
szélléva: in a framework
miho's dad: Aotani (Blue Valley)
les Johnstone: Oculus Tower - Abandoned chemical factory
Wiesmier: I think it was a Friday
red stilletto: Yellow Buzz
Anna Kwa: Living In Colors
Adolfo Rozenfeld: Nadia en su casa.
kieran_russell: Copper Coast 27
MKHardyPhotography: Liverpool Street Architecture
B&W addicted: An interesting tree in the misty morning ⬛⬜
Jo-H: distant monolith
pj@rc: Madrid 13
Pascal le Jaune: Sous le porche...
davebatt24: Looking out across the Mersey
Pen-F-Fan: Opera House in B&W
Pen-F-Fan: Gritty Open Space
Anna Kwa: An Eternal Sunset (II)
wooiwoo: Sunken Jetty - Castle Semple Loch - Lochwinnoch - Scotland
Piotr Stachowiak: Seis praias... (7)
ahwou: Merlan weer in de vaart
Adolfo Rozenfeld: Madre e hija.
szimi82: Malwina
Cooden Phil: Stairs
Hans Kool: Canterbury Cathedral
MKHardyPhotography: great-scotland-yard