A.van Lomwel: butterfly species the brown-blue in a field flower
Michael Dittrich: Black hole eye
Maggi_94: Reseda-Weissling (Pontia edusa)
gg1electrice60: Find the Butterfly on the Sunflower
TennColors: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Dark Morph
Cheryl Dunlop Molin: skipper on spotted knapweed
NikonDigifan: Yellow and Black Swallowtail
adamsdale616: DSC_5304
adamsdale616: DSC_5297
adamsdale616: DSC_5295
adamsdale616: DSC_5291
adamsdale616: DSC_5287
adamsdale616: DSC_5283
cami.carvalho: Butterfly with two pairs of smooth and colorful wings on each side
Rodrick Dale: Red Admiral
Rodrick Dale: Eastern Black Swallowtail
glostopcat: Male Dark Green Fritillary - Knapweed nectarer!
radon07: IMGP5046.jpg
Rourkeor: small tortoiseshell
vischerferry: Monarch Butterfly and Common Milkweed
joipetrocchi@rocketmail.com: Swallowtail Butterfly
barrygostinskie: Small White Butterfly
dianereynolds: Silver Studded Blue
laura.piepad: Ringlet butterfly
Andy Davey Photography: Marbled White Butterfly
khoo Hui: In the rain
Andy Davey Photography: Marbled White Butterfly
shelly.morgan50: Damaged Wings
shelly.morgan50: Small Skipper on Milkvetch