Betty Vlasiu: Tufted Duck
wolf8_us: tonights horizon
wolf8_us: sunset in Febuary
Betty Vlasiu: Flamingo at Smithsonian's National Zoo ,Washington DC
figandPhoto: Abejaruco Posando Merops apiaster
figandPhoto: Copula Abejaruco Merops apiaster
antonychammond: You Can't Make an Omelette Without Breaking Eggs!
Yoann Cathelain: An illuminated night in Paris...
DXW1978: Elegance
Petefromstaffs: Vulture.
inkknife_2000 (11 million views): Lembert Dome Over Tuolumne River, Yosemite 2019
Betty Vlasiu: Snow goose
karen_ds1101: King parrot
Betty Vlasiu: American Oystercatcher
Amine Abassir: Springerville AZ
Betty Vlasiu: Brown Pelican
Betty Vlasiu: Ancona duck
Yoann Cathelain: Short walk by the Belgian beach and the wind was there
DXW1978: A Knight of the Forest
mikeculley591: AY4I0963
Betty Vlasiu: Dowitcher
mikeculley591: file072943
Christiane ': Crocus
Betty Vlasiu: Black Skimmer
wolf8_us: peace in the afternoon
wolf8_us: ah a river
Amine Abassir: Bald Eagle Mississipi River Iowa Sunset
inkknife_2000 (11 million views): Mt Whitney above Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA 2015
Betty Vlasiu: Royal Tern
crescentsi: Dance for Diwali