Roberto Carpanoni: IMG_1191_1 - Tokyo. On the subway. In their hands not only smartphone!
Roberto Carpanoni: IMG_1179_1 - Tokyo. Colours (and hairstyles) of Shinjuku.
Roberto Carpanoni: IMG_1148_3 - Tokyo. Colours of Shinjuku.
annkelliott: 02 Peony
robolotion: Dark Stars I / Dunkle Sterne I
** Janets Photos **: Solitary Poppie ..
shin ikegami: This work is 9/18 works taken on 2019/11/04
shin ikegami: This work is 8/18 works taken on 2019/11/04
Jean-Claude Soboul: NinhBinh_7391
Jean-Claude Soboul: NinhBinh_7383
Jean-Claude Soboul: NinhBinh_7378
Jean-Claude Soboul: NinhBinh_7361
Jean-Claude Soboul: NinhBinh_7369
Jean-Claude Soboul: NinhBinh_7354
shin ikegami: This work is 6/18 works taken on 2019/11/04
shin ikegami: This work is 4/18 works taken on 2019/11/04
dominotic: 2019 Sydney: Strawberry Marble Mud Cake
Dana 48: frozen
Steve Barowik: Taking some stopping
Polcio: Black on green
hussi48: just the two of us
hussi48: there´s a light
mkk707: Colourful sunrise
dominotic: 2019 Sydney: Red Star
Steve Barowik: Squealing
Dana 48: In the light you will see the angels....
Multielvi: Monarch Butterfly
mkk707: rainy ride home
Kees Couwenberg: reflections